Our unique, organic yoga mats combine a passion for personal well-being with a drive to make a difference.

Each mat purchased directly supports Charities within the highlighted region. Pick your Placemat, choose your charity – It really is that simple.

Rolling Out a Thailand PlaceMat

Placemats are designed to deliver performance without compromise, across all abilities. Made from natural biodegradable tree rubber, our yoga mats are eco-friendly, anti-slip, and provide the perfect base for all styles of yoga practice.

By purchasing a Placemat, you’re not only investing in your own well-being, you’ll be supporting a generation of children in creating a better future. Explore our product range and read more about who we support. Together, we can feel good and do good – it’s the perfect combination.


Why Choose Placemat?

  • Beautifully designed, ethically made and perfectly functional for all levels of practice.

  • Your purchase directly supports your choice of children’s charity.

  • Share your care. Our unique designs are made to be noticed and create a talking point in your class or group.

  • The more people who join our Placemat movement by making a purchase, the more good we can do. As our venture grows, so will our impact.

  • We deliberately aim to support smaller charities, where every penny makes such a big difference.